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      Chinese-Tibetan dictionary published to introduce 9,000 new terms
      update:October 21,2019
      Oct.21, 2019 -- The Chinese-Tibetan Standardized Dictionary of Terminology containing nearly 9,000 new terms has been published, local authorities said.
      It covers a wide range of buzzwords in various fields including politics, economics, internet, culture, and law.
      The new terms, such as the Belt and Road, the Chinese Dream and friend circle, were chosen, translated, examined and authorized by the Tibetan language committee of Tibet Autonomous Region and a committee for standardizing new Tibetan terminology.
      The publication of the dictionary will be of great reference value for translators and readers to use the standardized and unified translation of new words and of far-reaching impact to promote the development of the Tibetan language, according to the Tibetan language committee of Tibet.
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